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Privacy Statement:
Raq's World is committed to protecting your internet privacy. You can visit most pages on the site without giving any information about yourself.

Information is collected about where in the internet the visitors on the website come from, what hardware they use and which pages they visit within the website. This information, however, is never linked with any personal information you might give during your visit. This information is used to recognize trends and create statistics - to ensure the site is relevant to your needs.

External Links:
This website contains links to other web pages. The owner is not responsible for the privacy policy or content of these external websites.

Copyright / Terms of Use:
Copyright in all of Raq's World data or content delivered by this and associated websites, including but not limited to information, artwork, text, images, and pictures (herein referred to as "CONTENT"), is either owned by or administered by Raq's World and its owner.

No part of the CONTENT may be reproduced, reused or redistributed for any purpose whatsoever, or distributed to a third party for such purposes, without the written permission of Raq's World. For such purposes as are permitted, you must acknowledge Raq's World as the source of information and include any copyright notice originally included with the CONTENT in all copies. If permission is granted a link to must be included on all reproduced material.

You may not link directly to the website or associated client servers without prior written permission and you shall not attempt to pass off any of Raq's World CONTENT  or associated websites as your own work.

All information published on this site is intended to be used for your personal use only and may not be used for commercial purposes without the prior written consent of Raq's World.

When you access the CONTENT you agree to not modify information found in the websites material without the prior written permission of Raq's World.

This site is for entertainment purposes only. No copyright infringement is intended.

Disclaimer of Liability:
Raq's World is not liable to the users of this site for the content, quality, performance or any other aspect of any information provided by and transmitted by this site or for any errors in the transmission of such information.  Nor is Raq's World responsible to any person or organization for any damages arising in any manner out of the use of the information made available by this site.  The users acknowledge that they assume all risk and/or responsibility for any loss or damage arising from the uses to which the information provided by this site is put.

The user shall indemnify and hold harmless Raq's World, and its owners and producers, from and against any claims, liabilities, losses, costs, damages or expenses (including attorney's fees) arising from the user's application of or participation in this site or the information made available thereby.

Your feedback and questions are welcome. Please use the CONTACT link to submit any questions or comments.